BEET COMMUNITY GALLERY 430 45th St. South Boulder, CO.

DERIVATION; the obtaining or developing of something from a original source of origin. The show Derivation is a collaborative effort between Heidi Bickelhaupt and myself, in which we will display original pieces derived from a variety of sources and mediums, including; wood, plastic, canvas, paint, spray paint, and art prints. The result is a fresh, textured, graphic image which combines the abstract world with hyper realism. The pieces are very detailed and large, viewers are encouraged to examine them both from a far and closely. 


"Life Outside" solo exhibition December 15th-February 15th, 2015 at TESORO Gallery, Denver, Colorado.  Life Outside has two meanings, the first and most obvious being various kinds of life which can be found outside, including flora, fauna, etc. The second meaning is life outside our personal value system, outside the collective parameters of a society, of notions such as good/bad, beautiful/grotesque, young/old, and ultimately life/death.  Pieces in this exhibition attempt to seamlessly depict images from these extremities united as part of the same process, rather than isolating them or favoring one to the other. The objective is for the viewer to forget loaded terms such as "ugly" or "beautiful" and to simply view the images for what they are; color and form. Following this train of thought all life outside can be viewed with wonder and amazement, much like that of a child who has no fear nor prejudice. A dead animal with its entrails exposed is just as amazing as a blooming cherry blossom tree. These pieces aim to temporarily shock the viewer, delay subjective judgement, and spark amazement and wonder of nature in the viewer. Here are some examples of pieces in this exhibition.


Yugen 50x26

                                                                                                                       snow birds 4x6

My most recent work, a 5 piece series focusing on police brutality, will be showing at the awesome Beet gallery in south Boulder from June 13th-July 13th. There's all kinds of art, friendly folks, AND great music by Lush Limbaw and The Washboard Abs.  Here's a few pics from opening night...

                                                 Reborn 18x26


918 West 8th Ave.

Denver, Colorado, 80404


Opening Reception Friday December 19th.

Live painting Friday, Jan. 2, 23, and February 6th, 2015

                                            Street tako, 20x30

                       jeremy, hanna, bob and nirvana