This was my second series using recycled palettes as the background for new paintings. The palettes are plastic lids from boxes of produce, mostly spinach in my case, as I put spinach in my smoothies and drink a ton of smoothies. So they’re used for other paintings to mix paint on, then I embellish them and turn them into new paintings. In the past I painted directly on the plastic palettes, but I was displeased with how textured the palettes were, taking away from what I was painting. So this time I painted onto clean pieces of plastic, cut out the images with a blade, and glued them onto the palettes using corks. I framed them all using pieces of wood found in the desert. These pieces are made from entirely upcycled materials. The theme is that of a futuristic reality; humans have depleted all the earths resources and are all but extinct. Artificial intelligence has mated with nature, out of necessity, creating a new species of mutant creatures.