the REMIX idea.

March 1, 2014

                     Original "Dodder" painting. (43x53)

What I'm working on recently is "remixing" my finished paintings by painting new elements onto their prints. My aim in doing so is twofold; alter the aesthetic and message of the original painting. 

For example, during my recent stay in Hanoi, Vietnam, I painted a piece titled Dodder (shown to the right). The painting is of a parasitic vine named "cuscuta japonica" which attaches itself to a "host" tree and spreads very quickly. It can grow several inches a day,  and can move rapidly from plant to plant with the help of abundant seeds, water, and birds. When this parasite attaches itself to its host tree or plant, it begins to suck water, minerals, and carbohydrates – everything it needs for life – ultimately killing its host and then moving on.

Now, what I'm painting onto a full size print of this is a war scene consisting of helicopters and troops essentially invading the painting itself.  Here's a couple pictures below;

                                             This is painted on the upper right corner of the original painting. 

                                                  Painted on the center left of the original painting. 

The idea behind this remix being that everything in life seems to be in a constant state of either invading or being invaded. Sometimes this is slow and subtle, as with plants, other times fast and abrasive, as with war. Nothing stays the same for too long. 

This painting is not finished yet, I just wanted to share what I've thinking about and working on recently. It's very fun for me to paint over my paintings like this, as it allows a sense of creative freedom that I do not necessarily feel when painting the original piece. I hope you enjoy them. Any comments and or feedback are always welcome.