remix #2

                      original building, Hanoi

The idea here is very literal. I ordered a print of this painting for a customer, but for some reason when I proofed the print the colors were a bit faint in a few places. I reordered the print with the appropriate adjustments, sent it off, then had this extra print laying around with no purpose. I was considering just painting over the whole canvas and starting a new painting entirely, but figured I might as well salvage the parts I could and simply paint over the flaws. I chose bougainvillea to cover the flawed building wall, as well as a tiny street cat to cover another imperfection. When it was all said and done the remixed painting had more life than the original, and it stays true to the essence of Hanoi, VN, as there are both bougainvillea and street cats galore. Both prints and the original of this remix are for sale if you're interested. Hope you enjoy it. CJ

                                                                                                                                                                         REMIX building, Hanoi (20x26)