remix #3

This was originally a print from my southwestern flora and fauna series, titled "Ladybugs". I made a print of it which came out too large, so I decided to paint over parts of it to take the attention away from disproportionate size of the succulent branch and ladybugs. I had no plan for how to go about doing this, but every morning on my way to get coffee before painting I'd notice all kinds of interesting things growing in, on, and around other succulents that inspired me. This usually resulted in me taking a photo, or an inconspicuous breaking of a branch, then returning to my studio to work my fresh find into the piece. Items found are as follows; 1 barbie doll, pine needles, multiple jade plant clippings, and all kinds of creepy crawlers. This process continued for several weeks before I could recognize any theme in the painting, but eventually a sense of cohesion appeared. Connectedness, the connections that facilitate all life. It's created by bridging gaps using various materials, both natural and artificial, physical and emotional. In nature we see limbs, branches, legs, webs, needles etc. to accomplish this. With people there are similar physical connections, now we also use various kinds of social media to achieve essentially the same thing.  Sometimes these connections benefit our lives, other times inhibit, damage, and ultimately end our lives. The bottom line is we are all connected, and no mater how thin or weak these connections may be, we still affect and are affected by what we are connected to. While we may not be able to chose what connects to us, we can certainly do our best to connect with that which will enhance our lives. 

                                     orignal Ladybugs 10x14

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    remixed Ladybugs, 12x16